5th Annual

January 13, 2007
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 Our 2006 Wild Game Supper was held a little later than usual this year, (coming on January 13 2007) but as has been from the beginning, it was a great success. We believe that we experienced the largest crowd yet, and estimate that at least 350 people joined us for the evening, and a great evening it was. There was a variety of wild game on the menu, from raccoon and deer to beaver casserole. After a great meal we enjoyed Christian Country Comedian, Gary Claxton. Better known as "THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH". Gary told a lot of stories and drew many smiles and much laughter. He also gave his personal testimony and said that it was only by the grace of God that he was allowed to do what he liked best (making people laugh) for a living.

Thanks Gary for being our guest at our 2006 Wild Game Supper.


Mouth & Joe



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