3rd Annual

November 6, 2004
Sponsored by the Brotherhood at

Mike McGlaun from Richland was our guest speaker this year.  Mike was ˝ of the winning team (for chopped Bar-B-Que) at this year’s Holy Smoke cook-off.

After a round of "cut me to the quick" jokes, aimed mostly at Jeff Schramm, Mike read several verses of scripture from II Kings chapter 6. He focused on verse 17, where Elisha prayed that his servant's eyes (spiritual eyes) would be opened and that he could see God at work and in control around them. He reiterated the fact that God is in control in all situations, then issued a challenge that we all take a look at ourselves and see if we need to be spiritually awakened and in tune to God's call.


Below are some pictures of our 2004 supper.  We hope everyone that attended enjoyed it half as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

Pictures from 2004 Wild Game Supper

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Thanks Mike for
sharing the evening
with us.
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