Children's Home VBS

June 2005

On June 9 & 10, a group of sixteen workers from Macedonia held a mini-Vacation Bible School for the children (both basic care & Spanish speaking) on the Meansville, Ga. Baptist Children's Home campus. We arrived about 10:30 am on Thursday after stocking up with food items at Wal-Mart in Thomaston and prepared to serve lunch for the 50+ residents. After a meal of sub sandwiches and ice cream, we entered into our first session of VBS. We adjourned about 3:00 pm and began making preparations for a second session that would begin at 5:30 pm. After the evening VBS lessons ended we moved to the pavilion at the campus lake where a supper of hamburgers and hot dogs was almost ready. It was a great day getting to know some of the children and sharing two lessons about "Building a Character like Jesus".

We spent the night in Thomaston and was back on campus in time to start the third session of VBS at 10:00 am. When we ended this session the good people at the Children's Home had a great lunch of fried chicken and the trimmings prepared for us. After they served the whole crowd and we had taken time for the lunch to settle, we began our fourth and final session of VBS. When the last lessons were complete we reassembled and expressed our appreciation for the GBCH allowing us to come and be a part of their week. Certificates were given to each of the students, then Bro. Robert and Kenia Wills (translating to Spanish) gave an invitation allowing anyone who desired a relationship with Jesus to come and publicly profess Him as their Savior. What happened next is what made the effort that we put forth all worthwhile. Thirteen young people came and asked Jesus into their hearts for the first time and two others came an re-dedicated their lives Christ. What a wonderful ending to two great days with the children on the GBCH campus at Meansville.

We ask everyone who reads this to please remember these teachers, counselors, organizers, and other workers in their prayers, but most of all please pray for the children, and especially these fifteen young people who have chosen to allow Christ to help them build a character within themselves that would be pleasing to Him.

Below are a few pictures that were taken during our time with the children

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